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New York Concert Review, (Carnegie Hall Debut)
Then Mr. Jezior launched himself into the fugue [of Beethoven’s „Hammerklavier“ Sonata Op.106], and wow – it really was spectacular. Absolutely clean and unruffled, balanced, good sound, every gesture and polyphonic line followed to its conclusion, beautifully finished; it could hardly have been better. Obviously, if he can play the Hammerklavier fugue like he did, then he can play anything up to that standard.

Weser Kurier
Triple Threat: Musician Oskar Jezior as pianist, violinist, and composer at the Radio Bremen Sendesaal. Despite a direct conflict with the opening concert of the Music Festival, a nearly full house enjoyed the young Pole’s talents at the piano and as a violinist performing his own composition.

Amerika Woche
Multi-talent in New York City: down to earth, gifted, and completely without pretension.

Dziennik Baltycki
Gdánsk Spring almost daily: Concerts and recitals, of which the most notable was certainly the phenomenal performance of the pianist Oskar Jezior.

Die Welt
On the Way to the Very Top: presenting the Next Generation of musicians, Oskar Jezior. What is an Anatol Ugorski, an Alfred Brendel, a Justus Franz, compared with this shy, unaffected boy from Bremen? With an overwhelming presentation of two short pieces—one from Chopin and one from his own hand—Oskar Jezior sent all impressions of the last Glocke Concert Season drifting into distant memory.

Weser Kurier
Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, played with éclat and élan. The first indications of Oskar Jezior’s sovereign mastery came early: brilliant double-stops and arpeggiated chords led to a racing finale in the coda of the first movement.

Der Spiegel
Full House at the Deutsche Oper Berlin Oskar Jezior’s performance accompanied the presentation of the medal “Junior- und Talent des Jahres” and animated the audience with a classical piece at the piano.

Gazeta Wyborcza
Perfect Pearls of Sound: Concert with Wanda Wilkomirska For Vivaldi’s Double Concerto, Oskar Jezior played the part of first violin—an uncommonly talented violinist, pianist, and composer.

Die Welt
Oskar Jezior’s Bach interpretations effortlessly emphasized the music’s fugal structures and lent the works a dramatic artistic maturity.

Weser Kurier
Oskar Jezior shines at the piano. The pianist presented an invigorating evening of the highest aesthetic and expressive caliber. Elegant runs of effortless weightlessness, carefully dosed emotions in strong passages, and absolute precision of articulation marked the performance.

Oldenburger Nachrichten
With virtuosity and eloquent expression… The evening was distinguished by the perfect collaboration of violinist Wanda Wilkomirska and pianist Oskar Jezior.

Goslarer Nachrichten
World-Class Piano Marathon Oskar Jezior’s interpretation of Brahms offered enormous weight and sovereignty. This pianist plays formidably fast, pellucid passages astoundingly well. He knows how to entertain.